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Google Play services

Google Play services

23.04.13 (100400-505809224) by Google LLC
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Android 9.0+ (P, API 28)

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23.04.13 (100400-505809224) by Google LLC

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Google Play services

Google Play services is a platform that allows Android applications to take advantage of Google-powered features such as Google Maps, Google+, and more. It provides developers with a centralized API that they can use to access these features, which helps to reduce the complexity and workload associated with integrating them into their applications.

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Google Play services also provides a number of important system-level services, such as access to the Google Play Store, push notifications, and app indexing. This makes it easier for developers to deliver high-quality, engaging applications that can reach a wide audience of users.

In addition to these benefits, Google Play services also includes a number of important security and privacy features, such as protection against malware and privacy protection for user data. This helps to ensure that users can feel confident when downloading and using applications from the Google Play Store.

Overall, Google Play services is a crucial component of the Android platform that provides developers with a powerful set of tools and services that they can use to create high-quality, engaging applications that can reach a large and diverse audience of users. Whether you are a developer or an end-user, Google Play services provides many important benefits that help to improve the overall user experience on Android.


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